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Three-in-one mini safety hammer

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Mini safety hammer capable of breaking the glass of a bus

prevent danger, for the safety of you and your family, please purchase it as a spare

Fast charging

Fast charging with dual USB ports
Input voltage 12-24V, output voltage 5V, output voltage 2.2A
Support mobile phones, cameras, computers, for your journey

Innovative technology U.S. research development

  • Combining function and safety
  • USB car multifunctional safety hammer, let people put it down

Seiko quality masterpiece
Excellent fireproof materials, elegant design, more atmospheric, anti-falling and wear-resistant, strong and anti-corrosion, safe and environmentally friendly.

high quality

The characteristic spring striker design has strong penetration force, new design, three in one, very practical

Small and exquisite, really mini
It can be carried anytime and anywhere, does not occupy space, is simple and practical, with beautiful design.

Three-in-one safety hammer

The innovative function integrates the car charger and the safety hammer, and adds the function of cutting the seat belt.